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In 1985, the Society took the decision to publish a detailed history of public road transport in Leeds.

These would be high quality books based on extensive detailed research featuring appropriate illustration.

Volume 1, which covered the period up to 1902, was published that year and a further four volumes complete the story up to bus deregulation in 1986. In late 2012 a further book, Leeds Transport on Postcards was published.

The history of trams, streetcars or trolley systems, began in the early nineteenth century. It can be divided into several distinct periods defined by the principal means of power used.

Leeds Corporation Tramways formerly served the city of Leeds, England. The original trams were horse-drawn, but the city introduced Britain’s first overhead-powered electric trams in 1891,and by 1901, electrification had been completed. The tramway opened on 29 October 1891.


Leeds Pub And Cinemas By Tram

A 100 page A4 hardback book features photographs of the Leeds trams where pubs or cinemas are also seen. All the cinemas are now history and many pubs are long gone due to demographic changes.

Leeds Transport Volume Three 1932-1953

This volume is further extension of public road transport story in Leeds, covering the final expansion of the tramway system, including the reserved track lines, as well as the schemes that did not get built. 

The impact of the second world war is covered along with the further development of bus services, both private and municipal. The first stages of tramway abandonment are also covered.

Leeds Transport In Colour 1880-1952

This book contains 129 digitally recoloured images of Leeds Transport to demonstrate the full range of liveries carried by Leeds Transport vehicles charting the period between 1880 up to 1952.

Leeds Transport Volume Four 1953-1974

This book continues the story of public road transport in Leeds, including the run down and abandonment of the tramways, and the last years of Leeds City Transport as a municipal concern. 

The other private operators that worked into Leeds such as Samuel Ledgard and West Yorkshire Road Car are covered too.

Leeds Transport Volume One 1830-1902

Volume One charts the beginnings of public road transport in Leeds covering everything from horse buses through to the early electric tramways including the launch of the pioneering Roundhay Electric. 

Leeds Transport Volume Five 1974-1986

The final volume in the set covers the formation of the West Yorkshire PTE and Metro and runs up to privatisation. 

It also covers the various trolleybus proposals (prior to NGT) and has a chapter detailing the various preserved Leeds vehicles both trams and buses, as well as other preservation attempts.

Leeds Transport Volume Two 1902-1931

This book continues the story public road transport in Leeds, covering the end of the steam trams and the expansion of the tram system as well as the introduction of both private and municipal motor buses.

Leeds Transport On Postcards By Jim Soper

This edition contains 248 reproductions of postcards that feature a variety of forms of transport in or related to Leeds.

The book is printed on high quality art paper and with full colour reproduction. Most of the images are in sepia and about 30 are in full colour where the originals were in colour.

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