Progress with Cambridge 7 – 27th February 2014

Another good work day was held and a lot achieved. During the week I had taken delivery of the 8 coil springs from the Lancashire Spring Co at Milnrow, in Lancashire (Yes I did have to travel to the dark side). I also collected various bit of steelwork from Jason Reeve. These are the two brake beams, the sway bar and the sway bar bracket. These together with the remaining three brake shoes were taken to Middleton. Malcolm spent the morning machining pivots for the pawls for the brake ratchets and I spent the morning drilling holes in the brake blocks. These weren’t easy as they are a very awkward shape to clamp.

After lunch Malcolm made the pivot for the sway bar and I drilled the remaining holes in the sway bar. The pivot hole then needed milling to make it oval. Apparently this allows the brakes to self centre. Meanwhile I had ground some metal off the brake beams so that they fitted into the brake shoes then drilled the first beam. Here is a completed brake beam with the blocks temporarily bolted on.
The brake blocks can be seen at either side plus the angled boss that allows the push rod to apply the brakes.
Once Malcolm had finished machining the parts for the sway bar it was test assembled with the pivot fitted.
After that it was time to clear up but I couldn’t resist adding two of the coil springs to the trial suspension unit. This now has both spring seats on it.
A lot of work is left but next week the wheelsets and dummy underframe are to be delivered so there should be a lot to report.